The process to a completed illustration or presentation package always starts with the initial contact. Usually it is an e-mail or phone call in which the parameters of the project and the clients specific needs are discussed. After a quick overview of the project, the dead line and Studio-Swaim’s schedule, the client sends the necessary files  to us so a proposal can be drafted and sent back for an approval signature.

Just as different clients have different needs, different clients are sometimes at different stages of development in their project. Whether it be roughed-out sketches or a full set of working drawings, Studio-Swaim can, and has worked from them. Ultimately, the better the information provided, the more accurate the finished rendering can be. You can send plans, sketches, and project notes via e-mail, Fedex, courier, or U.S. mail. The preferred method would be e-mailed pdf and dwg files of the floor plans, elevations, site plan and roof plan if available. Other forms of digital formats accepted are .fmz (model or draft), .fact, .dxf, .skp and .eps among many others. When sending dxf or dwg files, please exclude any unnecessary information.  For example, items such as interior furniture, ceilings, unnecessary text, etc., would not be needed for a rendering of an exterior view. These un-needed items take time to sort out and tend to slow down the process. If your files are of a size that can’t be compressed for e-mail purposes, we suggest using file transfer sites such as

Once Studio-Swaim has received all necessary information and has had a chance to review it, a proposal that outlines the services requested and the terms for those services, will be sent to you within 24 hours. The job will not be started nor a place on the schedule held for your project until the approved proposal is signed and returned.

Preliminary Sketch
After the terms outlined in the proposal have been agreed upon, the project will be added to the schedule and the preliminary sketch will be started. Once the preliminary is completed you will have the opportunity to review the project’s progress at this rudimentary stage. It is at this stage that minor view adjustments, additions and corrections should be made.

Color Selection
Color selections for all the necessary structures and objects in the rendering can be provided at any time, although, a good time to start finalizing the color selections is soon after the completion of the preliminary sketch. There are numerous ways to communicate what you have envisioned in terms of colors. The most popular and easiest way is a simple color by numbers process using Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint chips. Simply indicate by SW# or BM # what objects or materials will be the specified color. Photos, web links, and material samples are also easy ways to present your color selections.

Final Illustration
Once the preliminary sketch has been approved and we have received all the color information, the final illustration will commence. The final color rendering will be completed and then shipped or delivered within 24 hours of completion. All illustrations are provided in a hi-res digital format.