Digital Hybrid
The Digital Hybrid has become Studio-Swaim’s signature style over the last few years. In 2009 we started working towards a new style to offer our clients. When the idea of a new style was conceived, there were a number of goals we had in mind.

  1. Artistic growth.
  2. Provide a product that was professional that we and our clients would be proud to attach our names and reputations.
  3. provide a style that was unique and stood apart from what everyone else was doing.

With those goals in mind the digital hybrid was developed utilizing both traditional media in conjunction with digital media, providing the client with an easily accessible rendering in digital format while still maintaining a professional hand rendered appearance that will differentiate their presentations from others.

Traditional Mixed Media
The “Traditional Mixed Media” style has been the Studio-Swaim signature style for many years. It is a traditional mixed media based style that utilizes a number of different traditional artistic techniques, both fine art and commercial art mediums are used to create this style. Though the “Traditional Mixed Media” style is a traditional format created on archival paper, each rendering is scanned and made available in digital format.

The Vignette style provides a softer edge that is desired by many clients. The Vignette style is popular for projects that need a professional look and feel yet don’t have the formality of the Traditional Mixed Media or the Digital Hybrid styles. The Vignette style can be created in both traditional or digital format.

Presentation Plans
Perspective renderings are not always the clients needs or preference, sometimes the need doesn’t require the formality or complexity of a perspective rendering but still requires a professional quality presentation piece. The Presentation Plans category will usually fit these needs. This style is a professional rendered 2d graphic of site plans, floor plans, or elevations utilizing any of the listed styles we offer.

The Sketch style doesn’t have a set look or technique. Some sketches are hand sketches in pencil, some have color added, some are rudimentary computer renderings, some are more refined and some less. This style is usually determined on a case by case basis. No matter what the determined technique is, the purpose remains the same, provide a quicker, more cost effective, image.

Digital Revision
Though most of the work Studio-Swaim is commissioned to do is hand-rendered illustrations, or hybrids, we also have the capabilities and expertise to enhance, correct, or revise existing renderings and photographs digitally. Whether it be revising and modifying a completed rendering, doing color studies on existing buildings, or enhancing photographs to present the finished constructed project in it’s best light, digital revisions have become an increasingly common request.